John Wunderley I specialize in slow and soothing deep tissue massage to help the body release chronic tightness and stress as it rediscovers structural balance and alignment. Most of my clients come to me with specific issues that are causing them pain or a decrease in physical performance, whether it be from working long hours at the computer, past injuries to the body, or cumulative stress. Because the body is an inter-connected network of muscle and fascia, one small imbalance to this intricate system can propagate to larger and broader issues over time. Once these issues have been resolved, it is extremely beneficial to receive bodywork on a regular basis to maintain good health and keep dysfunctional patterns from recurring.

My work employs principles of structural integration to assess the body to determine where the issues are and how to resolve them. I strive to provide bodywork that is both beneficial on a therapeutic level as well as deliciously soothing to receive, helping you create a meditative and healing inner space to retreat to during the session. My overall goal is to leave you feeling de-stressed, refreshed and more alive in a body that is ready to serve you at its full potential in the days following your session.

To achieve this goal, I draw upon a wide range of modalities and techniques to customize each session to the client’s specific needs. A session with me will often include a fusion of Swedish and deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and Thai-massage-based stretching.


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