John WunderleyMy work taps deeply into the mind-body connection, bridging stress you are feeling in your physical body with the mental and emotional stress you experience in everyday life. It combines deep-tissue bodywork with exploratory dialogue to allow you to unpack, examine, and integrate mental stress related to work, relationship, or any other part of your life causing you to feel off balance. Tension in the physical body is often a reflection of what is happening in the mental body and the emotional body. I strive to create a space where all three receive attention, allowing you to leave feeling de-stressed in your muscles and lighter in your mind and your heart.

I employ principles of structural integration to assess the body to determine where the issues are and how to resolve them. I strive to provide bodywork that is both beneficial on a therapeutic level as well as deliciously soothing to receive. I draw upon a wide range of modalities and techniques to customize each session to the client’s specific needs. A session with me will often include a fusion of Swedish and deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and Thai-massage-based stretching.


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