San Francisco Location

3150 18th Street, #233

San Francisco, CA 94110


Wed:     12-9

Thurs:    12-9

Mill Valley Location

Off Panoramic Highway,

15 min. from 101 E. Blithedale Exit


Mon: 10-7

Tue: 10-5

Phone/Text: 831-521-9716

John Wunderley
My warm and cozy San Francisco studio is conveniently located in the Mission near 18th and Folsom at ActivSpace, just a short walk from BART.

90 minutes: $150

120 minutes: $190

Because I specialize in slow, detailed, deep work, I find 90 minutes the perfect amount of time to cover the full body while being able to spend extra time in specific areas that require more attention. For those who wish to luxuriate in the benefits of a longer session that includes even greater detailed work and exploration, I also offer two-hour sessions.