John Wunderley I LOVE doing massage!! With a fascination and undying curiosity to understand how the body moves and functions, and an innate sense of empathy to sense what others are feeling emotionally and physically, I have felt naturally drawn to massage since a very young age, working on friends and family members at every opportunity. After years of informal training through trades with CMTs in San Francisco since moving here in 2004, I took my first formal massage course in 2009. I’ve since completed nearly 700 hours of training, mostly with the San Francisco School of Massage and Upledger Institute, and I continue to participate in specialized training, always striving to take my skills to the next level to serve my clients as best I can.

Combined with my formal massage training, I also bring a vast amount of experience in learning how to optimally utilize my own body through over 25 years of doing and teaching gymnastics, as well as years of training and practice in rock climbing, springboard diving, trail running, acrobatic hand balancing, and freeflying (an aerobatic discipline of sport skydiving). In facing and overcoming a wide variety of injuries in these sports, I’ve gained a vast repository of knowledge about how the body recovers and heals from specific injuries, and what can often impede this process from happening as quickly as we’d like.